Wildlife in Washington State

Wildlife in Washington State

Wildlife in Washington State

The Pacific Northwest is a fantastic place to observe wild animals. Often while driving in rural areas you can see elk lounging near the roadway.  They are majestic and beautiful, yet they can be very dangerous, so don’t try to approach them. Do bring your camera and take photos you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Bald Eagles can also be seen soaring overhead.  They have large nests high in the trees that can be seen most easily in winter when the leaves have fallen and higher branches are visible.  If you are near the shore, eagles are frequently seen perched on mile markers or soaring over the water watching for fish.  They fly right overhead which is thrilling!

You may see other animals when you are out hiking or sitting quietly in nature. Beavers, raccoons, opossums, bobcats, foxes, red tailed hawks, and river otters are all native to Washington state. If you are patient and quiet, you may get a chance to see some of them.

While you are here at Wellness Paradise Farm you will probably hear the coyotes, as they howl most nights.  Elk frequent our farm as well.  We have a beautiful owl living in the barn who flies out, most annoyed, when someone disturbs him. He looks like a barred owl, big and beautiful!  There are lovely robins and a few blue jays.  There are also moles, skunks, squirrels, ducks, and Canadian geese. Porcupines, and river otters might make an appearance. A creature in the weasel family called a fisher is making a comeback in WA.  They are dark brown, long and skinny relatives of the otter and mink families. Fishers are about the size of a house cat.  If you happen to see a fisher, alive or dead, contact the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as they are keeping track of these guys and want them to succeed! All in all, the vastness of the wild animals here in WA state is inspiring! I hope you get to see your favorites.

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