By: Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman


In the new age of Aquarius, since the turn of the 21ST century (Y2K), aging has become a completely different issue. With all the creams, make up, hair dyes and Botox, people look and feel younger much longer than in previous generations. In the Piscean age (up until approximately the 1960’S) people did not live as long and it seems as if they really were quite accustomed to beginning to address aging at age 40 and for women it was when they went into menopause (which is usually around 43). This was before hormones and hormonal creams were available. During this Piscean age, both men and women seemed to really be considered elderly at around age 60.

The collective consciousness during those previous times treated aging people, such as grandparents, with respect and admiration. As in ancient and Native cultures, the Elders were valued for all the wisdom, accomplishments and skills they had acquired during their lifetimes. They would sit around with children and grandchildren to tell them stories of the past and share teachings with them. Our Elders were admired and held in great esteem for all their accomplishments. Community and family was the center of our lives.

However, this all changed in the years leading up to the new millennium when we began living the fast life and managed care came along and gave us nursing homes. We believed that we no longer had time, energy or money to care for our elders and so we shipped them off for someone else to care for. In the process, we lost much of their ancient wisdom that they longed to share with us, their grandchildren. We also lost supportive community and exchanged that for miles and miles of housing developments in the cities and suburbs, the fast life, technology and independence.

In this new age, it seems as if 70 is the new 50. Especially when it has been drilled into us as a culture, as a people, to save for and invest in our retirement. This current mentality often prevents us from doing all the things we want to do during the younger years of our life. Instead, we are taught to put off enjoying our lives until we retire. Many of our most important life decisions regarding employment, have been made, not on what I prefer, enjoy or feel fulfilled by, but, “will it pay for my bills and benefits.” We have been making major decisions and running our lives by entitlement consciousness. “What are we entitled to get? What is the benefit package of this job?”  We have often agreed to put off being fulfilled in our daily lives, to give up our communities and quality time spent with our children and families. Many in our culture have been convinced to just live for retirement. We have been programmed from early childhood, to put off living in the now.

The age of Aquarius has brought in the dismantling of this ageing structure. Technology, constant television ads for age-diminishing products: the message is clear. “To get ahead, to be admired, to be loved, one has to look young regardless of the wisdom you may be acquiring.” We no longer seem to value becoming a wise elder. Quite often, elderly people are dismissed, put away in nursing homes and not valued for the information and wisdom they have gathered during their lives.



The medical system has given us certain beliefs by implication (indirect suggestion) or by direct suggestion. Often, just by asking certain questions on nearly every medical form we fill out. Some of these questions are: for everyone in your family who has died, and what age were they? what illnesses everyone in your family had? and what diagnoses have you had? If you have ever entered into the medical/insurance system you know you have been asked these same questions over and over and over again!

There is an implied suggestion that we will have these diseases also, and die when they did. If we have a pain and go to the doctor, we most likely will be given a myriad of expensive tests, eventually will be diagnosed with something, and sometimes have the doctors tell us how long we will live.



Many thousands of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy practitioners have used hypnotherapy and the power of suggestion with amazing and unexpected results. One woman had Crohn’s Disease and the doctors’ only response to her on-going, excruciating pain was to cut out more of her intestine. So much was cut out that she was about to need a colostomy bag. In doing Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, she discovered the rage she had been carrying around in her gut regarding the violent sexual abuse that occurred all throughout her childhood. Her doctor now was amazed to discover that tests showed there was no more sign of Crohn’s Disease, a supposedly incurable disease! This woman, through having the courage, (or the guts, pun intended!) to face her darkest demons, reclaimed her life! She didn’t believe the dreadful diagnosis given to her and she kept seeking healing. She is now youthing instead of aging.




When we lose someone close to us, of course we grieve and feel sadness. I met a woman who said she had been paralyzed with grief and depression and was never the same since her husband died four years ago. She said she stopped her private therapy practice because she was too depressed to go to work to heal others. She couldn’t listen to anyone else’s pain because she was drowning in her own. She stopped visiting with friends or they stopped visiting with her. They got tired of hearing her endless loop victim tapes. I spoke with her and asked her how many more years she wanted to exist like this. She said she wanted to die. As we spoke however about the concept of youthing and she began to see this as a possibility, her face softened and her eyes began to regain a sparkle. I asked her instead of dwelling in the pain and the past, to begin to look at the gifts in this adversity. She told me that one was that she no longer has to care for an elderly man who really resented her and couldn’t receive her care as loving. She also realized that because she resented caring for him, she is now actually freed up to discover who she truly is.

As we spoke, she revealed all the opportunities that have been sitting on her doorstep, that she now can open up to. The discovery process of who she truly is and what her soul craves to explore and express. She suddenly got it! She is now choosing youthing.

We need to become consciously aware of our own internal thought processes, since our own thoughts are the most powerful suggestions we give ourselves, usually unconsciously. What do you tell yourself about your own physical condition? About how long you will live and about your own aging process? Each thought or belief we have is either negative or positive. If we want to join the youthing consciousness, it is imperative to listen to what you often say about your own aging process, and what you say about your lack and limitations. And to keep a written journal of the negative self-talk that you observe.

In order to create healing and longevity, we must unravel all the self-sabotaging beliefs and practices. For example, constantly berating ourselves, such as, “I know I should do more exercise, I should lose some weight, I should change my eating habits.” Many negative, guilt-ridden thought patterns are running on an endless loop through our minds constantly and feeding the internal self-defeating belief systems. Some of the common ones are:

  1. There’s not enough for me
  2. I’m not enough
  3. I don’t deserve to live or be here
  4. I’m too old, too fat, too ugly, too stupid (and on and on)




Let’s begin with our belief systems about retirement. Retirement is a concept that leads more people to an early death than most of us understand. Why is that?

The definition of retirement is to withdraw, to retreat and to cease to be active. Retirement usually involves ending your work life or career, which has often been a place of socialization, income earning and feeling fulfilled. Retirement in comparison brings a place of seclusion, inactivity, recession and losing sight of our purpose. Retirees often feel they have lost their purpose, their community and along with it, their self-esteem.


Now some people use retirement from a job as a stepping stone to following their dreams or to work for themselves. That is often a very positive experience and a way to finally express oneself. The idea here is when retiring from a stressful and unfulfilling JOB, to now earn your living by doing something you enjoy. Many folks in this youthing category, move somewhere they always wanted to live, perhaps with a warmer climate and begin the business they have always dreamed of. Perhaps opening a gift shop or an art studio or their own service business to others. You know it is their right livelihood because they glow when speaking of it.



James Hillman, a student of Carl Jung’s, suggests we begin to look at the Gifts in Adversity. For example, most of us know many people who are facing cancer and other diseases in their lives. Are there more people with cancer, or do we just have much better detection in order to know about it, communicate it to our loved ones sooner, and treat it more quickly. And because of being able to connect more through social media and technology, we can ask for support now from our loved ones earlier and more frequently. In the Piscean age where such diagnosis carried so much shame, no one knew when family members had a disease until the person was dying. The gift in the adversity of a diagnosis is that through technology, we can bring family members together perhaps to say the things we never said. To finish the unfinished business we have with each other can be the most powerful experience of our lives. Studies have shown that families who take the opportunity to heal when someone is diagnosed with a major illness, actually find their loved one suddenly making an unexpected recovery. Releasing anger, resentments and judgments can certainly contribute to many more love filled years added on to our lives.



 We cannot save the world alone. Major change requires a change in the collective consciousness of the Soul. James Hillman called this the Anima Mundi (Soul of the world)

Our world needs a “Soul Retrieval”. Consider the hundredth monkey concept. scientists were conducting a study of macaque monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima in 1952. These scientists observed that some of these monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes, and gradually this new behavior spread through the younger generation of monkeys—in the usual fashion, through observation and repetition. Watson then concluded that the researchers observed that once a critical number of monkeys was reached, i.e., the hundredth monkey, this previously learned behavior instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands.

The collective consciousness of how to get safer nourishment and thus to live longer, spread far and wide. So as we begin to “wash our sweet potatoes” to re-discover the secrets of youthing, they will spread far and wide. In fact they already have.

Another report of an experiment performed in the 1920’s with a sugar known as Turnase expands this concept. Turnase was known only to scientists as a liquid. Investigation in transforming this liquid into crystalline form repeatedly failed until one day scientists hit on the correct sequence of applications and Turnase transformed into crystalline structure. Thereafter, Turnase formed crystals everywhere around the world. This idea that once a substance has effected a conversion, other similar substances are able to enact the same transformation regardless of distance between them, is known as morphic resonance (Rupert Sheldrake).



A long life breaks people who have held onto fears, judgments and rage. However, a long life energizes those who believe in youthing. It is important to learn from ancient cultures that teach us to wake up to the night. Early on in our lives, we are very day oriented as is most of the world. Now we must also wake up to the gifts of the night. Perhaps it has been more difficult to get to sleep. Instead of taking sleeping pills or tossing and turning, let’s wake up and receive the gifts that come to us in the night. Everything is quiet, there is nothing else to do so let’s receive our deeper gifts. Our ideas, books we have always wanted to write, pictures we have wanted to paint, stories and poetry we have stored within us.

Creative ideas really begin to flow as our bodies slow down. This is not an accident.

Engaging with these ideas, this flow of creativity makes each of us an elder, a wisdom carrier, an ancestor. During this time, when perhaps we are not so engaged in daily hard work, we are drawn to engage with our creative gifts. We begin to realize that during the night time, we can better hear our Soul speaking to us. These night time ideas are great gifts that we can welcome and engage with instead of erasing them by taking a pill to treat our so-called sleeplessness.



Story telling is very important to maintain the collective consciousness. Begin to tell the story of your life. Everyone’s story is unique, fascinating and to someone else perhaps even inspiring! In this age of technology we can tell our life stories through blogs, on our web sites, on social media or creating an e-book. We can visit and volunteer in nursing homes, kindergartens and schools to tell our stories with those who want inspiration. Our story may not seem that outstanding, but we never know who it may touch. We can invite friends, family and neighbors to the beach or on a camping trip. Sitting around the campfire telling our stories is an ancient practice of storytelling. The campfire inspires our ancient wisdom to come into consciousness and provides the vehicle for memories to fill our hearts and heads.



Do we just have a soul or by embracing the concept and practice of youthing, perhaps we are discovering the path to becoming a realized soul? The photos of the ancient ones look to be self-realized as they sit atop the mountains in perfect peace.

Is old age just a machine breaking down? Yes, without embracing the deeper connection to our soul, that’s all it is for the majority of people.

However, embracing the concept of youthing instead of aging, we are directed to make use of the powerful metaphors from nature. When we explore the depths of our soul, we can use the metaphor of an ancient cedar tree that looks as if it is decaying and even dying. However as parts of the tree appear to be rotting, it is concurrently actually providing fertilizer from which many young nurse trees are sprouting brand new life which grows directly out of the ancient one. Also in what each tree leaves behind, provides a rich fertile womb for so many other plants to grow, including a wide variety of healing mushrooms.

Let’s embrace this concept of youthing instead of aging.

David and myself have recently purchased The Wellness Paradise Farm. This farm has inspired us to bring these healing concepts from our new environment to you, our students. Having the opportunity to learn to grow healthy food, to live off the grid and on the land! Join us by enrolling in one of our Wellness Paradise Farm classes.

Concepts From Carl Jung/ James Hillman

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