Accommodations at The Farm

Accommodations at The Farm

Accommodations at Wellness Paradise Farm

And developing our bond with Nature

Our main goal is to have all of our students be comfortable in order to be able to enjoy the farm as we all do. Another goal here is to be off of “The Grid.” What that means is to recycle and to use the least amount of resources in the process of living here. That doesn’t mean we have to rough it or be deprived. It means we just need to be open to perhaps making some new choices. An example may be that out here, you may choose to reduce the amount of electricity to dry your hair every day. Perhaps you’d rather spend your mornings taking a walk, exploring your bond with nature, rather than spending time in front of the mirror putting on make up.

We are calling upon Eco-psychology to guide us in our decisions about what natural resources we can use to enhance our experiences. For example, we have constructed Beautiful Tibetan Yurts (see photo below). There is a wealth of research that supports the idea that connection with Mother nature reduces stress and promotes personal transformation. These beautiful Yurts constructed from natural fiber, are designed in a perfect circle in accordance with the ancient Native circles. It is said that when the millionth circle is formed on earth, healing will occur over the entire planet. The Yurts are circular which provides that healing in and of itself. This brings more healing warmth, spiritually as well as physically and are situated with magnificent views of Mount Rainier, nestled in The Cascade Mountains.


As always at Wellness programs, we have great new chefs to accommodate your food choices. At Paradise Farm, we specialize in delicious vegan, vegetarian and protein meals for those that choose it. Our intention is to organically grow as much of our own food as possible (see section on Hydroponics). We also want to share with you, our students, some new ways of preparing healthy and delicious food choices by discovering new foods, natural herbs and mushrooms for their healing properties.










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