We want to share with you, our visitors, the many opportunities and types of birds to experience at Wellness Paradise farm.

We have a fishing pond, nestled within the woods, where sitting quietly in a state of mindfulness, you are just as likely to catch a fish as you are to have a magnificent experience with a wide variety of birds who share our forest with us. Magnificent Blue Herons often visit the pond as they are also on a fishing expedition! All of our instructors teach Heart-Centered Mindfulness techniques which can be applied to any and all of the farm/forest experiences.

We encourage our students and our WWOOFERS (Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers), to sit quietly and listen to the messages from the birds. Each of us may get a completely different message from the same bird. One of our WWOOFER kids, a talented tree climber, discovered a robin’s nest with these magnificent blue eggs, high up in a tree!

At the farm, our children are often our best teachers! Why? Because they have complete freedom to explore and many of their discoveries, would have gone unnoticed, to us adults, if not for their inquisitive interests and ability to see outside the box.


The teachings from the birds, as well as from any living creature on the farm or in the forest, seem to always have a message for us. All we need to do is to learn to pay attention. An example is when we were we were driving away after visiting Paradise Farm for the first time, David and I were asking for a clear message about whether we should make this large commitment to purchase this farm. As we were driving away, we looked back over the property only to see a huge bald eagle slowly and repeatedly, soaring over the property! We stopped the car, looked at each other with tears in our eyes and agreed that this was the clear sign we had been looking for.

Another clear sign from birds regarding purchasing this farm is that we have always (for over thirty-five years), used geese formations as our logo. Geese formations are on all of our stationary, envelopes and Wellness communications.

Since being on the Wellness Paradise Farm we notice daily many, many formations of geese soaring over the farm from sunrise to sunset. We can hear them honking encouragement to each other as they swirl over our pasture and forest land. For over forty years, geese have always been a sign of gathering a supportive community around us. Their pattern of one goose going down with and supporting another bird who has become weakened, until they can fly again, is exactly the type of supportive community we have always constructed. We teach and help our students to join Master Mind groups in order to draw to them this type of support. Some of our Mentor groups have been in their master mind groups for over 20 years.

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