Mushrooms, Soul groups, and Conscious Community

Mushrooms, Soul groups, and Conscious Community

Mushrooms, Soul groups, and Conscious Community

By Diane Zimberoff


How in the world are mushrooms connected with conscious community?

According to experts, mushrooms are the interface organisms between life and death!


How can that be?

The root systems of mushrooms are called mycellium and are described by world renowned mushroom expert, Paul Stamets as mico-magicians: they are the grand recyclers of our planet! Completely unnoticed by most, mycelium disassemble large organic masses of molecules into simpler forms which in turn nourish other members of our ecological community.


Mycelium, this fine network of cells, curses through all habitats, unlocking nutrient resources stored in plants, building and rebuilding soils, literally continually rebuilding The Earth.


These activities of mycelium help heal and strengthen eco systems on their evolutionary path, recycling nutrients throughout our food chain. Successive generations of plants and animals are born, live, and die. Mushrooms are the keystone species that create ever thickening layers which allow and encourage future generations of lifeforms, plant and animal, to flourish. Without this connection, our eco system would fail and eventually die!


Therefore, Mushrooms emerge as the environmental guardians of our planet and are critical to our mutual evolutionary survival. (Stamets) The more we learn about mushrooms, the more we see how applicable their teachings are to healthy formulation of our own communities.



for our Wellness communities and successive Soul Groups.


No people exist alone. Just as mushrooms require a network of mycelium to support their proliferation, so do humans require support networks/systems in order to survive and to thrive. Human’s first networks are families, friends and neighborhood communities. However, in the current age of technology people have actually become more isolated, less personally connected with their families and other networks and thus the increase of children lining up at school nurses office for medications. Among school children there is an alarming increased rate of anxiety disorders, so called hyper-activity, suicides and school shootings. Children line up at nurses offices daily to receive large amounts of medications!

These mental health issues are at an all time high. Why, in this age of so much prosperity and advanced technology are mental health issues increasing?


Just as in plants, personal isolation causes humans to be more susceptible to disease and ultimately, to annihilation. The mushrooms could not proliferate without the mycelium, the network of root systems that support and nourish them.


If we return to Paul Stamets work on mycelium networks. From the beginning, we at Wellness have introduced the concept of master mind groups. We have discovered that these master-mind groups often are a roadmap to each individual’s soul group. Over the years, it has become clear that each group, from the Six-Day training to the Internship to PTI Leadership and on to Mentors, comes together from out in the universe to sit in our classroom for a very specific purpose. It is certainly to learn Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, to improve their skills and to grow emotionally and spiritually. From my intuitive observation, over thirty years, I have seen that the true reason that certain folks are in one group or another, is about finding and reuniting with their true soul group.

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