• We want to share with you, our friends and students, one of the many projects we are excited about. In the modern world of farming, technology is rapidly making it easier and more accessible to grow your own food! Two ways of farming that are increasing in popularity are aquaponics and hydroponics. These two techniques of growing food can be utilized in many new and creative ways. They can be adapted to many different situations from urban decks or back porches, community gardens to bigger more industrialized versions, all while maximizing space.
  • HYDROPONICS is a technique for growing food without actually planting the seed into soil. Sounds amazing! How is that accomplished? Water, containing vital nutrients and fertilizers can either flow, flood, mist, or even drip onto the seedlings and plants in order to give them the proper care they need in order to flourish. These plants that you are growing therefore, are never actually planted into any soil medium! But they are suspended in the water and amazingly receive everything they need in order to grow. The best part, as we know, is that different plants require certain, specific nutrients. With aquaponics, you can adjust  your nutrient content to make the most nutritional produce in accordance to each plant! The best part is there is no back-breaking need to weed this indoor garden! You can celebrate that you have a controlled weedless environment in which you are producing the most nutritious food for your family and community!
  • AQUAPONICS is similar to hydroponics in that it incorporates the same basic concept of growing food without the need for a soil medium! In addition, there is one exciting and innovative aspect; FISH!  Since the plants are now seeking nutrients, not from soil but from the water!  By adding the element of live fish, swimming below the plants in a tub, they are naturally providing the organic nutrients the veggies require! So instead of adding nutrients and often chemically-laden fertilizers to the water, healthy bacteria thrives in the environment created by the fish. If you have happy, well fed fish you will have happy, thriving bacteria and prolific plants! The prolific bacteria produced by the fish, naturally provides the nutrients your plants need! This all flows back and is a great representation of a sustainable cycle of birth, growth, and rebirth, as this ecosystem becomes self sustaining!
  • These concepts are the ones that Wellness Paradise Farm  incorporates in order to feed our families, communities, guests, neighbors and to deliver to the homeless and those less fortunate.