Family Healing Retreats


Often families have difficult situations that need to be addressed but are being avoided. Perhaps a family member is facing death or divorce but won’t talk about it. Perhaps there has been conflict, and discussion that has been pushed underground. Coming out to Wellness Paradise Farm provides an open and safe environment for families to open up difficult conversations that have been avoided, even dreaded. We do this with the gentle and professional guidance of our staff and the assistance of Mother Nature. People have found that experiencing a Family Healing Retreat is more profound than any vacation and easier to request of their family members than any visit to a counselor.


Family healing begins with each family member discovering their own internal sense of peacefulness. Peacefulness can be discovered while watching and listening for the many species of birds or fishing in our lake.  Here among the beautiful cedar trees there are no distractions and what is most important will emerge. We call this mindfulness. Sitting or walking quietly through the forest or through the open fields, you will become keenly aware of wildlife that you wouldn’t otherwise even notice. And so much of the unexpected wildlife that show up, soon become our greatest teachers.


  • Is there tension in your family?
  • Are there subjects that need to be addressed but that no one wants to talk about?
  • Do you have one or more difficult people that create conflict for others?
  • We offer this healing process that you will learn outside of the usual family “conflict areas” in a natural and neutral setting at the farm.

We will provide training so that The Clearing Process can be brought back to your families as a new resource for improved and clear communication.

With over thirty years of experience, we help to develop the most profound process through which your family can begin to share what’s in their heart as well as learn to listen to what’s in the heart of others. Tears and laughter can be expressed to heal what has previously been unacceptable to even discuss.


Call to schedule an available week, Wednesday-Sunday.  425-785-2662

August 22nd-26th

Aug 29th-Sept 2nd (Labor day)

September 5th-9th

September 26th-30th

Nov 14th-18th

Nov 21nd -25th (Thanksgiving)

Dec 5th-9th

Dec 19th -23rd


Fees: $3,500 FOR A GROUP OF 2-5

Add: $500 for each additional person

Room and board: $200 per day per person