Relationship Workshop

Healing a relationship begins with each person discovering their own internal sense of peacefulness. Peacefulness can be discovered while watching and listening for the many species of birds or fishing in our pond. Here among the beautiful cedar trees, there are no distractions and what is most important will emerge. We call this mindfulness. Sitting or walking quietly through the forest or open fields, you will become keenly aware of wildlife that you wouldn’t otherwise even notice. So much of the unexpected wildlife soon become our greatest teachers.


Diane and David are the trainers. They bring 35 years of working together to your healing and your training. During the first half of your training you will be bringing someone who you would like to connect with. Maybe a parent, sibling, adult child or a friend. All relationships need attention to flourish. Diane and David will guide you as a participant during your own relationship sessions. During the second half of your training, you will be co-therapist, along with Diane and David – working with clients that you feel can benefit from this process.


Your interactions are gently guided yet always follow your own individual pace. Partners will have time together and will enjoy learning from others in attendance as well. These sessions are designed for individuals are resistant to or have avoided therapy. All of our sharing is done in a relaxed setting – over meals, coffee or out on a walk. This is non-judgmental, non-threatening, and yet opens doors previously locked tight, Each relationship will benefit from a new and exciting environment and provide gentle healing, stress release, and a new level of intimacy.